Top Kitchen Design Trends 2017

We have compiled a list of what we predict will be the top Kitchen Design Trends 2017, 2018/19 Update: The last few years have seen bright and daring colours coming back to interior design. The 2018 was the year of ultra violet colour. According to this article about kitchen design trends in 2019, we are […]

Bathroom Design Ideas on Pinterest

It is a great idea to look for inspiration for your bathroom design ideas on Pinterest. Below our first video we have added some of our favourite Pinterest website images which show some wonderful bathroom design ideas and tips. However, we thought that you might like to watch some videos on the subject as well, so […]

How to Mend A Leaking Tap by Changing A Washer or Ceramic Disc

First of all, to mend a leaking tap you will need to follow one of two sets of instructions depending on the type of tap fitting which you have. Decide According to Your Tap Style Whether You Will be Changing a Washer or a Ceramic Disc A leaky tap can make a frustrating companion. Most […]

Fascinating Plumbing Facts from Plumbum to Ectoparasites & Garum

Fascinating Plumbing Facts from Plumbum to Ectoparasites & Garum It may seem unlikely, however, by scouring the internet for interesting and little known plumbing information we have for you here in this article facts from plumbum to ectoparasites and garum. So, what are  plumbum to ectoparasites and garum? Just stay with us here, and read the rest of […]

Wacky and Mindbogglingly Expensive Plumbing in the News

There has been both some wacky plumbing news around this month, and a story about some mindbogglingly expensive royal plumbing. First of all lets talk about the wacky plumber in the US, who wanted to get some publicity quick, so he thought that he would get known locally while starting his new plumbing business. He decided […]

4 Skills to Look for When Finding A Plumber & Gas Safe Essentials

We have put together the following, which we have called 5 skills to look for when finding a plumber. Clearly, a lot of people are concerned that they may employ a “cowboy” tradesman who will do a poor job, and cause nothing but problems. Rest assured that by far the biggest majority of plumbers in the Shrewsbury […]

The Vexed Question of Toilet Paper Orientation Re “Brandweek 2009”

Toilet paper can be placed in a horizontal toilet roll holder in one of two positions, those being with the leading sheet either “under” or “over” the roll. Some people say that “under” provides a tidier appearance, in that the loose end can be more hidden from view. Others say that over is easier to pull, […]

Plumbing Tips for Winter: Winterizing and the Thermostat War

Winter will soon be upon us, so we thought that we would provide some plumbing tips for winter, and summarize some of the articles recently published on the subject of plumbing issues which will soon become important as temperatures plummet. The first of these plumbing tips for winter, is that of protecting your home plumbing […]

Designing and Installing Central Heating – Points to Remember for Success

Designing and Installing Central Heating Heating bills can be high and be really frustratingly so when the weather is extremely cold, so the science of designing and installing central heating has been improved over the years. If your bills just seem to keep growing ever larger without any relief available, maybe you would benefit from […]

I mage shows great plumbing tips

Great Plumbing Tips You Can Do On Your Own & Save!

Introduction – Great Plumbing Tips It is a fact that leaky pipes and partially or fully blocked plumbing systems soon become a crisis to the average homeowner when faced with resolving with such issues. Nothing except for a natural disaster will usually cause more harm to a home than a serious plumbing problem. The good […]

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