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Cheap Plumbers Shrewsbury – Lowest Quote Beaters

Cheap Plumbers Shrewsbury – That’s Us – We Beat Any Quote Like for Like We all need reliable cheap plumbers in Shrewsbury. Saving money has never been a higher priority than it is today, and the homeowners need for cheap plumbers in Shrewsbury, is well understood by our team. Emergency plumbing repair bills are the […]

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Shrewsbury Plumbing Contractors – IPPTS Plumbing and Heating

For emergency or urgent work, we attend as soon as possible. Please call on Tel: [phone] and state your requirements.

[feature icon=”fa-phone”][h3-tag]STEP 1 – CLICK TO CALL US (or EMAIL)[/h3-tag]Tell us what you need done. If necessary we will visit you.[/feature][feature icon=”fa-fax”][h3-tag]STEP 2 – QUOTE PROVIDED[/h3-tag]We provide a free quotation for the work.[/feature][feature icon=”fa-thumbs-up”][h3-tag]STEP 3 – WORK STARTS[/h3-tag]We agree the price and when the work will be done.[/feature]

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