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How to Top Up Boiler with Water – Turning Pressure Up on a Combi Boiler

Here’s how to top up a boiler with water. Turning the pressure up on a Combi Boiler is easy and here is how to do it and get your heating back up and working in a few minutes. So, if your boiler has cut out and you see the pressure gauge is below the green […]

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Keep Pipes From Freezing – Great Tips to Avoid Costly Water Leak Damage

To keep pipes from freezing is really important. That way you can save a mint on repairing expensive water leak damage, let alone the disruption to your life. Keep Pipes From Freezing – the Underlying Problem Water may freeze in really cold conditions. Pipes will eventually freeze even when in a home if the temperature […]

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What is a Plumbing Auger or “Plumber’s Snake”? When and How to Use a Flexible Auger

A Plumbing Auger which is also known as a “Plumber’s Snake” is a flexible auger used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. Drain augers are useful to clear larger pipes such as your toilet or shower drain. The difference between a plumbing auger and a plumbing snake is that a snake is always flexible, some old […]

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Dishwasher Plumbing: 3 Common Myths and How A Dishwasher Works

Dishwasher plumbing is not something most of us think about, but don’t be deluded by these 3 myths or you will risk: your kitchen flooding, and a delayed repair at more cost than needed, frustration at being charged extra by your plumber early dishwasher break-downs and inefficient cleaning. On This Page The Problem with Dishwasher […]

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Washing Machine Drain Smells Like Rotten Eggs – Reasons and Cures

If a washing machine drain smells like rotten eggs – it is not nice! In this article, we will explore the likely causes of sewer smells from washing machines and suggest how to cure them without calling a plumber. In most cases, we have found that the above statement is often more accurately described as […]

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How to Get Rid of Radiator Sludge

The vexed question of how to get rid of radiator sludge from central heating systems, is often made complex by the fact it’s invisible and you often do not have any way of knowing for sure whether the sludge exists. You might wonder if the idea may just be a reason from your plumber to […]


How to Top Up the Pressure on a Boiler – Combi Boiler DIY Guide

Topping Up the Pressure on a Boiler is a simple task. We explain how to do it here in our Combi Boiler DIY Guide, which follows.   My name’s Allen Hart and today we’re going to show you how to how to re-pressurise and refill a Combi Boiler and central heating system. First, take a […]

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How to Cure a Cold Radiator

If you need to cure a cold radiator it is most often due to one of two causes: collected air filling a radiator, or an un-balanced central heating system. Watch the video above, for the cure to an air-locked radiator which won’t get hot. Carry on reading if that doesn’t cure the problem fully, as […]


How to Fix a Leaking Tap

A leaky tap can be annoying with its constant drip, drip, drip, but have you ever considered about how much water is wasted. It could be thousands of litres a year! So how do you stop that dreaded drip? Firstly you will need to source the leak, then take your tap apart and then replace […]

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Choosing a Toilet WC – Plumbing and Heating Tips

In this article we discuss choosing a Toilet WC as part of our plumbing and heating tips series.  Practicality When Choosing a Toilet (WC) The toilet should be comfortable and practical. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but sometimes paying more means getting better quality. — This Video is a video version of this article. […]

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