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Plumbing Repairs Toilets – How to Fix a Clogged & Leaky Toilet

Plumbing Repairs Toilets 1 – How to Fix a Clogged Toilet The perennial problem of a clogged toilet, happens to all of us. What do you mean when you say a toilet is clogged? The indication of a clogged toilet is when water level comes up higher than normal after each flushing. In this case […]

How To Commission A Plumbing Repair and Refurbishment Project Successfully

How to Get Started With A Successful Plumbing Repair and/ or Refurbishment Project Completing a successful plumbing repair and refurbishment project would be one thing most home owning individuals wish to do. The main issue is that many people have very little idea how to start. A person might assume that simply calling a plumber and explaining the […]

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