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It is a great idea to look for inspiration for your bathroom design ideas on Pinterest. Below our first video we have added some of our favourite Pinterest website images which show some wonderful bathroom design ideas and tips. However, we thought that you might like to watch some videos on the subject as well, so we added some which we thought would be helpful to anyone seeking bathroom design ideas on Pinterest.

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Often an odd original touch is all that it takes a space from dull to “exciting” and “designer”. The above video shows 101 clever and non standard bathroom design concepts.

1. Change the mirror with a blackboard. Would not much rather check out some inspiring quotes than see exactly what you appear like on a bleak morning?

2. Paint a whole wall with blackboard paint. Paint an entire wall behind the sink in a powder space with blackboard paint, and draw your day-to-day motivations of polka-dots, hearts or doodles. This would make a terrific “memo board” for tips!

3. Paint the radiator in an insane colour.

If the radiator is located in the bathroom, once again make a statement with it. Paint it, and be sure to utilise high heat resistance paint. Use the exact same colour as for your walls, but a different shade. However, why not use it as a towel warmer!

4. Up-cycle an old bike into a bathroom sink.

5. Hang your bathroom with a row of plants. Plants in a little sunlit bathroom brings in lots of character.

6. Make a moving barn door the entryway. Above: The door of this restroom by the Brooklyn Home Company Above: A restroom alcove with interior moving doors by Max Levy Architect.

7. Hang your towels on a rustic ladder. You can paint it, pimp it up. Do all of the above, and transform it to become a brand-new storage corner.

Source : pinterest.com

8. Change a shower drape for an umbrella. It will not work for all bathrooms.

9. Divide an area with a screen. This is a quite terrific concept if you have an extra-large restroom.

10. Or, utilise a screen rather of drapes.

11. A chandelier can make all the distinction.

12. Paint the tub.

13. Do not hesitate to hang lots of artwork. They may not be useful, however if you clean them and change them out relatively typically, it’s absolutely worth it. Your bathroom becomes an original and creative space.

The house owner of an Atlanta loft set up a restored clawfoot bathtub, and painted it in a mimic of Smoke & Mirrors by Benjamin Moore, in her bathroom. The owner routinely swaps out the images and illustrations, though the 1913 gown kind of constantly stays.

14. Paint your drape rod black. Your silver shower drape rings will look simply a little bit more sensational.

15. Paint the entire restroom black. Forget whatever you became aware of white paint making an area appear larger. Black paint with white components can look classy, not confined.

16. Usage several mirrors rather of simply one.

Source : pinterest.com

17. Cover one wall in floor-to-ceiling shelving.

18. Include windows to a windowless restroom, even if they’re not to the outdoors world.

This is a terrific option for a studio apartment or condo, where possibilities are, the only genuine windows remain in the living location. By doing this, you still get a bit of natural light in your bathroom.

19. Change sconce lighting fixtures with portable arm lights. This appears to be a big pattern in restrooms going on today.

20. Rather of shower drapes for your bath tub, attempt a canopy.

21. Trade common moving shower doors for the more commercial appearance of restored windows.

22. Rather of tile or linoleum, paint flooring with a high gloss. Utilising a stencil includes a graphic aspect. Get more info about this procedure here.

23. Paint the within cubby holes brilliant colours for a kids’ restroom.

24. Circular shower drape rails include a charming retro feel.

Source : pinterest.com
25. Spell something out with mosaic tiles. 26. Stack cages for delicately simple and easy storage. It’s like you’re not even aiming to be arranged.

27. Toss up some decals for a short-term embellishing option.

28. Classic Finds. TV star Mike Wolfe generated a vintage Stetson stetson advertisement and showed his better half’s hats on antique millinery stands to integrate discovered items.

29. Restored Sink: New brass taps turned this farm sink into a trendy wash station.

30. Claw foot tub. A 1920s claw-foot tub discovered on Craigslist is the focal point of the restroom. Black porcelain flooring tile, laid in a herringbone pattern, includes an unforeseen edge.

A chirpy green chair, an antique Moroccan lantern, and a storage cabinet restored from a carrier balanced out the streamlined surface areas with a little patina.

31.Barn-Door Theme. The barn-door style continues in an unanticipated area: a shower stall! Simply outside, a towel bar hangs from 2 ropes.

Source : pinterest.com

32. Camp Lodge Vibe{ Painted in Bunker Hill by Benjamin Moore. It has a camp lodge ambience. 33. Innovative Mirror Decor. Curry & Company iron sconces match a Bono Intriguing Objects mirror, framed with recovered Azobe wood.

34. Upgraded Farmhouse: Antique sconces, canvas shower drapes, and a classic copper sink basin bring a sense of history.

35. Restored Finds. An easy wood stand (and holes drilled for pipes) changes a Dutch galvanised metal hay-collecting bin into a statement-making sink. 36. Rustic Retreat. Burlap-upholstered closet doors, brass hardware, butcher-block counters, and a leather-wrapped mirror anchor develop an airy area with abundant, warm products.

37. Vibrant Typography: A distinctive “Antiques” indication includes age in the restroom of this vibrant Texas house.

38. Accent Wall: This once-dreary bathroom is now an emphasise of a refurbished 1950’s fishing shack, thanks to its rustic accent wall. The mosaic imitates the appearance of stacked fire wood and engages audiences with its strong type and unexpected positioning.

39. Rough Textures. Rather of concealing a so-called eyesore, the owner highlighted a rusted corrugated metal wall by passing up vibrant accents, except one lone-starred towel.

Source : pinterest.com

40. Deep Jewel Tones. The designers showed up the volume on vernacular design aspects with super-saturated shades like sapphire, garnet, and blue-green.

41. Vibrant Wallpaper. Graphic plaid wallpaper is juxtaposed to the ornately sculpted wood mirror in the restroom.

42. White and Bright. Pitched ceilings in the restroom made a standard-height shower a no-go, so the owner selected a deep cast-iron bath tub rather. To keep expenses down, she acquired a worn out tub for $100 at a junkyard then had it refinished.

43. Earthy and Calming: Ashwood moss by Benjamin Moore.

44. Little Storage. Tucked under an antique table, the owner optimized storage area by utilizing this vintage chest of drawers to save towels and bath products.

Source : pinterest.com

45. Climbing up Vines. The climbing up vines in this Connecticut bath appear like wallpaper however are Ann Sacks tile. The tub is from Leroy Brooks.

46.Splurge-Worthy. The Victoria plus Albert claw-foot tub, placed beside an image window in the bedroom.

“It’s not an expensive home, however having a tub in our bathroom feels so elegant, and there’s such a stunning view,” marvels the owner.47. Improved Style: Freestanding American Standard sinks and mirrors from Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware lighting fixtures, and a hexagonal-tile flooring fine-tune the restroom, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White.

48. Rustic and Colourful: Extra-tall headboard, painted in Benjamin Moore’s Mill Springs Blue covers the walls of this restroom. The owner got the sink from a regional gasoline station when they tossed the component away; the claw-foot tub is a cast-off from a previous landscaping customer.

49. California Farmhouse Bathroom: Traditional mill-work, such as crown mouldings and headboard, signs up with contemporary, tidy lines and a zillion windows outfitted in minimalist shutters. 4 windows shower the master bath’s Kohler tub in natural light, while seashells line the chair rail.

50. Patterned Wallpaper: The owner spoiled the powder-room walls in an Andrew Martin print including Britain’s Penny Black stamp, and painted the door with Farrow & Ball Down Pipe.

51. Re-purposed Elements: A reclaimed-pine mirror hangs over a pedestal sink from a chain store in the master bathroom, where open wire cubicles provide more storage than a medication chest.
The garbage can is really an old planter. The walls are painted Flagstone by Martha Stewart Living.

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