Wacky and Mindbogglingly Expensive Plumbing in the News

There has been both some wacky plumbing news around this month, and a story about some mindbogglingly expensive royal plumbing.

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First of all lets talk about the wacky plumber in the US, who wanted to get some publicity quick, so he thought that he would get known locally while starting his new plumbing business. He decided to get the front off-side door of his van painted up with a cheeky image of his lower body while seated on the toilet. This was cleverly drawn “body” sized, and lined up directly beneath the driver’s side window immediately below his real-life torso while driving.

Drivers pulling up beside him at the lights would do a double take! The effect was to look as if… Wow! That guy is driving while on the “Sh*tter”.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at him driving his van at his website! It is available for all to see, at: New Plumbing Business Goes Viral After People See The Logo On His Truck via New Plumbing Business Goes Viral After People See The Logo On His Truck

We are told that:

“Huckson is a man who knows how to take care of business. The 25-year-old owner of The Sault’s Plumber told KWQC, “my phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I was just hoping to get some attention here locally.  I had no idea the photo would go viral.”

Huckson’s grandfather, also a plumber, gave the new business-owner the idea of putting a new decal on his driver’s side door. That genius idea was just a picture of a plumber umm…putting his business on display.”

When we looked the page had just over 600 Facebook likes. Not a bad way to get some free advertising is it?

The mindbogglingly expensive news is about the Queens plumbing repairs needed to Buckingham Palace, and an excerpt from that news article is reproduced below;

Buckingham Palace to get $617M in plumbing, electrical upgrades

Buckingham Palace needs a taxpayer-funded face-lift if it’s to remain fit for the queen.

Queen Elizabeth’s home in London needs urgent infrastructure work to fix plumbing, electrical cables and heating that hasn’t been upgraded since the Second World War.

The work will cost some $617 million Cdn over 10 years and is considered critical to safeguarding the building from fire or flood damage.

Palace officials acknowledge that the sum is vast, but hope the public will accept the expenditure for an iconic building that is a symbol of the nation

“We take the responsibility that comes with receiving these public funds extremely seriously indeed,” said Tony Johnstone-Burt, the master of the queen’s household.  “Equally, we are convinced that by making this investment in Buckingham Palace now we can avert a much more costly and potentially catastrophic building failure in the years to come.”

The most critical work is set to begin in April 2017 and the palace will remain occupied and fully operational while the renovation is carried out, the royal press office said. If the work goes as planned, the palace won’t need another renovation until 2067, when Prince William would be 85, or five years younger than the current monarch.

The renovation will be funded by a temporary increase in the Sovereign Grant, the government financial mechanism that covers the costs of the Queen’s household. via Buckingham Palace to get $617M in plumbing, electrical upgrades

But the most wacky story of all follows:

Python Slithers Through Plumbing And Latches On To Penis Of Man On Toilet!

Source : askideas.com

Thai native Attaporn Boonmakchuay, was in his home using the restroom when he suddenly felt a bite on his penis – it was a 10 foot python that made it’s way through his plumbing!For thirty minutes he attempted to get the snake off his penis, but the predator wouldn’t give up.

His wife eventually tied a rope around the snake to pull it off, while the man pried open the pythons mouth – he passed out immediately after he was free.

His bathroom and toilet looked like a murder scene from a film, and the snake was still in the toilet when emergency workers arrived on the scene.

“He has a really good attitude… even though his own wife and children were in shock. He’s been smiling and giving interviews all day from his bed.” hospital director Dr. Chutima Pincharoen said.

via Python Slithers Through Plumbing And Latches On To Penis Of Man On Toilet!

Which shows that there’s never a dull day in plumbing!

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