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Boilers in Shrewsbury – Repair, Replacement and Annual Servicing

When people seek out replacement boilers in Shrewsbury, they are looking for one of three types of Shrewsbury Plumbing services, either:

1) Boiler Repair: They have a defective boiler which needs repairing and usually it needs to be put right quickly. If this is you, you will need a Shrewsbury plumber urgently. If there is a delay in winter, suffering a boiler breakdown will mean the discomfort of a cold home, or the cost of plugging in electric fires for temporary use is high, and we all know just how expensive that can be. In addition, electric heaters can cause fires, especially in families where the occupants are not used to taking care using convection and radiant heaters.

2) Boiler Replacement: Central heating boilers used to last for 15 years or more, however, the present generation of compact high energy efficiency condensing combi-boilers is so far not so well-proven, and likely to be less. The result is that once your boiler reaches a certain age there will be non-user serviceable parts that need replacement in more modern boilers, or older boilers may simply become excessively unreliable, or the parts may have been discontinued. Once one of those happens, a boiler replacement from a reputable Shrewsbury plumber is the only viable solution.


3) Annual Servicing: A search for boilers in Shrewsbury is also on occasions, the result of a homeowner taking the advice given by the plumbing industry, which is that all central heating boilers should be serviced annually to clean them internally, ensure reliable operation, and to identify any problems that may be developing. An annual servicing and inspection allows some faults to be rectified before the occupant ends up with a cold home while they wait for a plumber to call. Somehow, doesn’t it always seem to be very cold weather whenever a boiler fails to work!

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We have good news for our readers, because our plumbers provide all three services throughout Shrewsbury and Shropshire/ the Wrekin, Telford and Ironbridge.

Not only that, our rates are highly competitive, and our wait times are low. Call us for a quote beating quote now!

Top Boiler Brands

The top boiler brands installed by our plumbers in Shrewsbury are Worcester Bosch, Vokèra, Vaillant, Glow-worm, and Main. All these are trusted brands that have been supplying central heating boilers into the homes and businesses of the UK  for many years Not least, these have been installed for many years by the plumbers of Shrewsbury, and in fact the majority of boilers in Shrewsbury currently are within these listed boiler brands.

All these brands supply ranges which include the most up to date compact natural gas boilers on the market. These boilers are fully compliant with the UK regulations for energy efficiency, and safety.

Grants for the Oldest Boilers Still in Use in Shrewsbury, and Shropshire/ Telford are Available

Image of a plumber working on plumbing of a kitchen sink and using a wrench on a tap..The government runs a grant scheme, which is administered through your energy supply company. If you have an old non-condensing type boiler, it is using a lot more gas than it needs to.

Not only that, it is costing the home-owners still using these boilers more in heating bills than they need to be paying. By replacing that inefficient boiler, not only will the new boiler owner save on their bills, the nation as a whole benefits in reduced carbon emissions.

Reducing carbon emissions from boiling fossil fuels like natural gas, and central heating oil is important.

The UK along with most other nations has also signed up to the Climate Change Treaty. This means that the UK is working with the rest of the nations of the world, to reduce carbon emissions and one of the best ways to do that is to use the fuels we have, more efficiently.

The fortunate outcome for those who still run old inefficient non-condensing boilers in the Shrewsbury/ Shropshire area and throughout England and Wales, is that if your income is below a certain level, you can apply to your electricity and/ or gas supply company to whom you pay your bills, for a grant to help you with scrappage. Your energy company will pay you the grant, and a local expert installer of boilers in Shrewsbury will fit it for you. For those home-owners that qualify for the grant, most of the cost can be paid by the grant.

Looking for Boilers in Shrewsbury? No problem! We will give you more information on grants if you call us. Call us for a quote beating quote now!

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