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No set of reviews of UK boiler manufacturers would be complete without a Main Boiler Review. “Main” is a familar noame in central heatign boilers. The company maintains its lengthy and happy history and has actually just recently expanded its product range with a choice of brand-new high energy performance scoring A boilers. The Eco Elite series of combi central heating boilers satisfy the current UK Government standards, backed by a nationwide service capability. The boilers in this Main boiler review are condensing boilers.

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On their website they say that all of their products are made in the UK and also supported by exceptional training assistance and service. Main home appliances have actually constantly been developed and constructed to please the very newest technological requirements.

Main combi central heating boilers are presently the most preferred type of boiler being fitted from their range, by plumbers nationwide and hence its inclusion in this Main Boiler Review. These central heating boilers heat up water instantly on opening up the hot water tap. This brings with it, the advantage that there is no requirement for a loft space storage tank, nor a tank to act as a hot water storage tank.

Main is described as a “much relied on” name within the UK central heating boiler market sector.

Table of Main Boiler Comparison Prices

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Summary Review of Main Boiler Manufacturer, and Supplier, Website Information

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Main themselves tell us that the Main Boiler range is made to look clean and tidy in any room and also has straightforward lines to satisfy the majority of peoples requirements, it’s very easy on the eye and straightforward to keep clean. Adjustments to hot water and also to heating output is simple and easy.

What are the Principal Features of a Condensing Boiler

A boiler is essentially a closed container that holds fluid and heats it for a variety of uses, particularly for the central heating system of a domestic household. Boilers do indeed come in an assortment of shapes and sizes offering a variety of uses of varying requirements, e.g. Boilers for Sealed Systems, Boilers for Regular Systems, etc.

The most efficient type of boiler on the market, now the industry standard, are Condensing Boilers, also known as high efficiency boilers. A Condensing Boiler will recycle flue gases that would normally be wasted from a non condensing boiler. This means that less energy is required to power your boiler, as a result you can help to save our environment and significantly reduce your fuel consumption costs. via

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… Main boilers are both affordable and high quality… We have the best main boilers available including the Main A Rated Combi Boiler 25ECO which is also available in 30ECO. Whether you’re after a main boiler or a main gas boiler you can be sure that we’ve got what you need. via

Main Boilers [have been]  present on the UK market for over 75 years. It was always a heating appliance manufacturing company. Main boilers are known by its simple design, simple usage and good quality versus not high price. In last years company released new series of an A efficiency Eco Elite Range boilers that meet latest governmental standards and customer’s growing needs. All Main Boilers are recommended by The Energy Serving Trust and Main Combi 25 Eco Elite model gained five star award in 2015 for its efficiency. via

We found it very hard to find reviews about Main Boilers. The following Facebook posts show Main Baxi installations and give some guidance about the fitting company’s views of these boilers:

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    • Isa Box
    • 11/01/2018

    Don’t waste your money like me. If your boiler stops working and has no pressure it could be or your heating has been off for a very long time and lost pressure, or you forgot that it even needs re-pressurizing every so often. There’s no need to call a plumber if there is no pressure, or very low pressure. Open the valve to the water supply and watch the pressure dial rise. Close the valve again when it reaches the green zone on the dial (or consult your boiler manual for the pressure required.) Only if the problem recurs need you calla plumber. Read more: – Which?

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    I often visit your blog and have noticed that you don’t update it often. Not to worry. When it arrives it is worth waiting for. Thanks.

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