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Vokèra Boiler Review

Vokèra Boiler Review – Central Heating from Natural Gas or LPG

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Vokèra boilers and home heating products have been ensuring the comfort of consumers in the UK and also Ireland, in a cozy warmth for over 30 years. The brand is a part of the worldwide Riello Group. Vokèra describes itself as a company that takes great satisfaction in making the extremely low energy use central heating boilers in the following model lines: Linea, Unica, Mynute, Compact and Condexa ranges.

The company’s items are developed for convenience of setup and commissioning, simplicity of operation and a life time of hassle-free use. Their central heating boilers and also renewable products are among those leading the marketplace in boosted energy effectiveness.

A central heating boiler is a huge acquisition which requires cautious consideration, and there are many factors to consider for the customer, which we hope we have included in this Vokèra Boiler Review.

On this Vokèra boiler review web page we have assembled some details about high quality central heating boilers in our boiler reviews, to help you make your personal choice.

Table of Vokèra Boilers Discussed in this Vokèra Boiler Review

No data is available for these boilers from our usual source. We will add a comparison table here soon.

Summary Review of Vokèra Manufacturer and Supplier Website Information

Vokèra boilers are offered in 25 and 29kW output models and consist of a horizontal flue. They provide a selection of either programmable Room Stat or Mechanical Clock Kits. These boilers are additionally specified to be easily converted to LPG (Liquid Petroloeum Gas) fuel use, where no natural-gas main is available.

What “Condensing Boiler” Means for You in Reduced Energy Costs

A condensing central heating boiler like the Vokèra, conserves 30 of your energy use relative to an old fashioned central heating boiler without a condenser. UK regulations that entered into legal force in 2005 require that all domestic gas appliances on the market are condensing central heating boiler type devices.

What “Combi Boiler” Means for You

A combi central heating boiler systems is a boiler and radiator system that is set up as a closed loop central heating system. As the word “closed” suggests, it is not open to the normal air pressure in the house. In this kind of heating unit, a system central heating boiler also could link to a storage cylinder/ tank that supplies the residents of the house hot water and central home heating. However, in a combi-system of this type, the a storage cylinder/ tank is not normally needed because the boiler heats sufficient hot water to run hot water to a fast flowing tap, instantaneously. By removing the hot water tank, the heat which is lost from that tank when the occupants are not using hot water, is saved.

Introducing the Vokera Vision boiler range
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Vokèra provides a complete series of combi central heating boilers which supply high quality manufacturing to industry standards. They are created to be simple to set up, service and run and made with care to make certain dependability and integrity of design.

Moreover, Vokèra’s combination central heating boilers are very low in their energy use and could therefore conserve energy and save money for the customer. Cash loans on minimised hot water and central heating are available, and in the long-term costs will be lower for these boilers, whilst at the same time helping the survival of the natural environment by decreasing damaging gaseous byproducts such as CO2, NOx and also SOx.

Vokèra Boilers Hold Mass Appeal

Vokèra boilers are used by more than one and a half million UK and Ireland users. That’s a large number and that’s why we decided to write this Vokèra boiler review.

Vokèra offer a comprehensive range of combi boilers which offer high standards. They are designed to be easy to install, service and operate and manufactured with care to ensure reliability. Furthermore, Vokèra’s combination boilers are highly efficient and can thus save the consumer money on reduced hot water and central heating bills, whilst simultaneously aiding the environment by minimizing harmful gaseous by-products. That we think, is an important point to include in this Vokèra boiler review.

Vokèra offer a range of four lines of combi boiler: Linea HE, Unica HE, Compact HE and Linea Max HE. These are all highly efficient and have very good efficiency ratings under the SEDBUK (“Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom”) guidelines.

What the “Vokèra Boilers Guide” Says About Vokèra Boilers?

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Source : gasapplianceguide.co.uk

The VokèraBoilersGuide.co.uk. provides a “model comparison page”, which they describe as an “absolute must” for users searching for a new boiler, a troubleshooting manual, which they say is another “absolute must” for users experiencing problems with existing boilers, and an FAQ section. There is also a forum where users can exchange their comments, questions and experiences, about Vokèra boilers.

Vokèra boilers are part of an Italian consortium called Gruppo Riello, almost 100 years old, originally boiler parts manufacturer and service company that expanded to become a complete heating system manufacturer, seller and installation centre. The company opened for European, and then American markets, in  the 70s and 80s. Currently Gruppo Riello has a number of production sites in Europe, North America and China. via Boilersparesuk/Vokèraboilers 

What “Heating Support” says about Vokèra boilers?

Vokèra boilers not only come in a variety of types but also sizes. If you are looking to save some space or if you don’t have so much space for a boiler, these are the ideal boilers for you.

Because of the fuel they use, you can be sure that so long as you have gas in the [LPG] tank, your home will never be cold or run out of hot water. They come with kits that allow you to convert to a different type of gas. The kits are easy to install and therefore the conversion is fast and easy. via Heatingsupport.co.uk/Vokèra-boilers

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    • Oscar Mahmood
    • 10/12/2016

    My plumber recommends this company but never heard of them. The page seems reasonably favourable to them. Clearly not British no matter what you say.

    • Thomas Bibi
    • 10/12/2016

    I am looking for something akin to a Which Report to see a comparison for boilers with their prices.

    1. Reply

      Thomas – Yes. there is a “Which Report” on boilers. I don’t know how up to date it is, but the which Boiler Report page is here. It looks as if you can get a trial access to the report for £1.

  1. Reply

    I have a boiler by these people. They seem pretty solid.
    How does their warranty compare with the other big makers?
    It would be good to see you adding a warranty comparison into your reviews.
    Am I asking too much?

    Please let me know if you’re looking for a article author
    for your blog. You have some really good posts and I think I would be a good asset.

    • At Last A Non Manfacturer's Perspective!
    • 02/08/2017

    Woah! I’m really loving the work of this site.
    It’s simply, the only non-partisan article I have seen About Vokera. A lot of times it’s tough to get any sort of review which isn’t published by the manufacturer but is this article a
    “balanced” review. Just saying. Outstanding Blog!

    1. Reply

      “At Last A Non Manfacturer’s Perspective!” What the page is composed of, is a compilation of relevant extracts from the best websites we could find on the subject of Vokèra boilers. We hope that it is a balanced summary of the information available for this boiler manufacturer.

    • Mike
    • 29/10/2017

    We were going to have a Worcester boiler but the plumber recommended a Vokera i32
    plus their BeSmart thermostat and WiFi receiver. We had never heard of Vokera so were unsure however registering the boiler and the BeSmart at the same time gives you a 10 year warranty so we went ahead. That was in December 2016, so far so good no complaints the BeSmart app is easy to use bu the thermostat is not that user friendly .

    • mat
    • 19/03/2020

    The Vokera boilers are rubbish. I have bought one and after 14 months there is an inexplicable error code which keeps going off. And this is after it was serviced by a registered Vokera engineer!! AVOID!!

    1. Reply

      Is it covered by the warranty?

  2. Relying on the age of your property, it might be that your boiler is unable to offer you the heating that you simply require or the
    options that you are looking for.

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