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Worcester Bosch Boiler Review

In this Worcester Bosch boiler review, we have compiled excerpts from a number of the best Worcester Bosch boiler websites which describe the Worcester Bosch natural gas central heating boiler range. In addition we have compiled a comparison chart of the Worcester Bosch boiler range, to answer those readers who will want to know the cost of the Worcester Bosch boilers available in 2016.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Review – Comparison Table

Essentially Worcester provides four combi boiler types that provide the home owner both heat and hot water. Worcester Bosch (and Vaillant) boilers are extremely popular and have been a major boiler manufacturer supplying boilers to the UK plumbing trade for many years. Their boilers tend to be the ones that all other boilers are compared with, when professional plumbers talk to their customers about boiler replacements.

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Worcester Bosch Boiler Review – Introduction

Worcester Bosch themselves claim the following:

As part of the Bosch Group, Worcester Bosch boilers are designed and built to exacting standards and constructed with only the highest quality materials, to provide the levels of quality and service that you would expect from a brand within the Bosch Group. Every Worcester boiler is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory.

They give a “Representative Example” of the price of their boilers, as follows:

Cash Price £1,583. via Worcester-bosch.ie-products-boilers

Worcester Bosch Boiler Review – Company History

The company was founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd in Worcester, England. After changing its name to Worcester Heat Systems Ltd, in 1992 the company was acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, adopting the new name of Worcester, Bosch Group.

Worcester operates a loyalty scheme known as the Worcester Accredited Installer scheme. Worcester Accredited Installers “specialise in Worcester products and can offer extended warranties” and benefit from features such as the online ‘Find an Installer’ search Worcester Accredited Installers are experienced in fitting Worcester products but are not employed by Worcester. Worcester specifies that all members of the Worcester Accredited Installer scheme are Gas Safe Registered. via YouTube-user-Worcester-Bosch Group

Worcester Bosch Quality Commitment

Worcester Bosch Boiler Review_29Image Source : heatingcentral.com

Nowadays any Worcester Bosch Boiler Review needs to provide company information from social media sites, for completeness. We report that on their Facebook page the company talks about providing high quality products, as follows:

Worcester’s commitment to quality hasn’t changed since the company was founded in 1962. Today, many years and thousands of boilers later, Worcester is the market leader in domestic heating and hot water systems – awarded a Which? “Best Buy” award for three years running for its gas boilers. As part of the Bosch Group, Worcester products are designed and built to exacting standards, using only the highest quality materials, to provide the levels of quality and reliability synonymous with the Bosch name throughout the world. Every boiler is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory to ensure it’s fit for everyday use and meets customer requirements. Here you can view the Worcester Bosch range of combi, system and heat only boilers available from stock at Mr Central Heating, along with a range of complementary Greenstar accessories. via Facebook.com-worcesterboschuk

Worcester Bosch is a major heating and hot water appliance manufacturing company. Worcester Bosch is responsible for the manufacture of the highly acclaimed Worcester boiler range, which is renowned for impeccably high quality standards and remarkable energy efficiency ratings. The flawless efficiency and reliability of a Worcester boiler is such that the very name Worcester is clearly associated with the best boilers on the heating appliance market. Worcester has a near untarnished record of customer service as their award winning call-out engineers are some of the best trained professionals in the industry. Order your perfect condensing boiler today and enjoy the all comforts and peace of mind to be had from a Worcester boiler, and rest assured that you will be saving energy and money in doing so too.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Review_0draytonandellis.co.uk

Here you will find our extensive range of Worcester boilers, heating controls, cylinders and renewable energy technology. Many owners of a Worcester Boiler will gladly state that they are 100% satisfied with their purchase and will recommend their Worcester boiler to anyone in need of a reliable and cost effective condensing boiler. In many domestic instances one boiler brand clearly stands out from the rest by ticking all the right boxes. As a sign of true quality, Worcester Bosch is the official supplier of heating appliances to the British Royal Family. via Facebook.com-Worcester-Boschuk-photos

So far, in this Worcester Bosch Boiler Review, all the statements we have given in our extracts have been made by the company. For a less biased description of the company we have included the text below:

Worcester Bosch is one of the UK’s leading domestic heating and hot water manufacturers. It has a reputation for producing boilers that are efficient, affordable and reliable. Additionally, Worcester Bosch’s flagship Greenstar boiler range has won CORGI’s Boiler Of The Year award and Which? Best Buy award, three years in a row. The Worcester Bosch boiler range includes combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers with energy efficiency always taking a key role in product development.

With combi boilers now being the most popular type of boiler in the UK (installed in 70% of British homes), a Worcester Bosch combi boiler is a highly efficient, practical hot water and heating solution for your home. Combi boilers provide central heating and hot water without the need for a separate tank to store water and so can be tucked away in cupboards, under stairs or in kitchen cabinets. Combi boilers are especially useful if space is limited and the Worcester Bosch combi boiler range ensure high energy efficiency and a 5 year guarantee. Prices range from £767 to £2033 with varying sizes and specifications. via HeatingHomes.net-worcester-bosch-boilers

Worcester, now known as Worcester Bosch and part of the global Bosch Group, is a leading manufacturer of sustainable high efficiency heating and hot water solutions for the home. Like all large boiler manufacturers Worcester has an interesting company history under its belt. Whilst Worcester may not be the oldest of the UK-established boiler manufacturers, Worcester developed and unveiled its very first line of Worcester boilers in the 1960s, which were innovative oil fired boilers that paved the way for today’s advanced water heating appliances. The Worcester Bosch Group, commonly referred to as Worcester or Worcester Bosch, was formed in 1992 after Worcester successfully merged with one of the world’s leading names in high-end technology, Bosch. via GlowgreenLtd.com

See also our latest Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boiler Review here.

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    I’ve no probs with these boilers. Seem to work just fine. Are they German or British made?

    • emily
    • 03/09/2017

    Worcester sounds like a reliable name. My plumber said Worcester, but now here it is also Bosch. who is Bosch? my plumber said nothing about Bosch.

    • Penney Norbert
    • 27/11/2017

    I have looked at the descriptions of these boilers at most of the mainstream brands, and they all seem to look the same, be the same type and claim get the same comments – if they are even allowed.

    So how do I choose, other than accept what my plumber recommends? So much for the enlightenment of the internet…

    • iBastion
    • 02/11/2018

    To be able to wash and dry all the flared trousers, mini skirts and polyester shirts of the 70s, Bosch say “developed the first combined washer-dryer with a non-stop programme”. That’s weird, in the 70s we all just rinsed out our mini-skirts and polyester shirts, hung them over the fire and wore them the next day! wqe never even heard of a “combined washer-dryer”, in those days.

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