Best Kitchen Design Ideas on a Budget

Here are 10 of the best kitchen design ideas on a budget for use when designing or upgrading (renovating) your kitchen:

You can get a designer looking kitchen without breaking the bank, by knowing where to invest time and where to invest money.

A great kitchen makeover comes down to great planning, especially if you’re on a tight budget. We’ll walk you through ways to save and spots to splurge, to get your own dramatic before and after.

Costs can really rack up when you start re-configuring.

This kitchen (as shown in the video above) already had a great footprint so there was no need to change it.

1. Replacing Cabinets

Replacing cabinets gets costly quickly. These were in good shape, but definitely needed updating. So, we chose some new hardware, and then used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations. This is a DIY paint kit which gives them a whole new look.

The cost for the kits? less than 200 dollars for the whole kitchen!

2. Counter Tops

Counters are another spot you can save by looking into laminate.

There are so many updated options now: marble looks, granite looks, that mimic higher-end products for less.

Custom-made items almost always costs more, so when you’re choosing materials, check out standard stock options first.

3. Wallpaper, and Window Treatments

This high-style tile, wallpaper, and the window treatments were all stock items.

While this super-stylish island may look custom – it isn’t.

It’s a standard order item that will boost your storage and work space. So where are the splurges?

5. Treatment of Appliances

The appliances are the real investment here. The stainless-steel fridge, along with the stove and canopy hood create a real cook’s kitchen.

6. Finally – Rounded Edge Counter Tops & Unique Lighting

Another upgrade?

Adding this rounded edge to the counter tops makes them look and feel more like a solid surface material.

Plus, the unique lighting was definitely worth the spend. So if you’re in the mood for a makeover, use these strategies to put a fresh face on your space. As found on Youtube

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Remodeling a kitchen can be a major investment. But there are so many things you can do to personalize your space that don’t cost very much and only take an afternoon.

Here are some of our favorites:

7. Replace the Handles to Your Cabinets

Change out the hardware for your cabinets. And if they match the existing holes, that’s great.

But, if they have two holes and a new look, measure the second hole using a tool like a combination square. It’s easy to use. Very accurate and will give you a professional looking installation.

8. Change Cabinet Paintwork

Changing the paint color is always an easy way to update the look of any space.

For a small space like a kitchen, a moving blanket makes a great drop cloth. Adding molding and trim details in your personal style, can really update the space.

You can do it by trimming doors and windows or with individual pieces like this cordial shelf.

Painting cabinets is a very popular way to update an old kitchen but you have to be careful.

In addition to sanding and all the other prep work required to paint cabinets, paint doesn’t stick to grease.

So cabinets need to be really, really clean before you paint them.

9. Windows, Tiling, and Curtains

Adding texture with new fabric for custom window treatments or with a tile back-splash can make any kitchen feel more like home.

And to work, keep clean and protect the counter top when you are installing a backs-plash, cover it up with a drop cloth, moving blanket or even a piece of cardboard.

10. Flooring

Flooring changes can be another great opportunity to update the look of your kitchen.

But if you aren’t an experienced DIYer you may need a little bit of help. Look at flooring styles available in your local stores, and most people will pay the store to also professionally fit the flooring you choose, and the cost is not usually prohibitive.

As found on Youtube 

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