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How to Install a Dishwasher – Plumber Not Needed!

Hi I’m Josh from eSpares. I will explain how to install a dishwasher and you will see that in many cases a plumber will not be needed. However, we do appreciate that many people will still wish to engage a plumber to do this work, to ensure it was done properly. The consequences of an incorrect installation in flooding a kitchen should not be underestimated.

In my YouTube video (see above) I’m going to show you how to install a dishwasher. Now in this case I’m using an integrated dishwasher but the process should be fairly similar for most dishwasher models.

Obviously if you’re looking to remove the dishwasher you can just follow this process in the reverse order. Now before I begin installing the dishwasher I’ve prepared the space that it is going into by clearing any blockages or pipes.

And also I’ve made sure that the cavities is actually big enough to take the dishwasher. Now there are three things you need to install. You need a power supply a water supply and a drain:

  1. Power Supply: In the case of the power supply I’ve passed the dishwasher power cable into an adjacent cupboard where there’s a socket.
  2. Water Supply: For the water supply that’s found here under the sink. I’ve turned the water supply off and screwed one end of the cold water hose onto the water supply here. And I’ve passed it through a hole in the bottom of the cupboard out through the cavity to here. This is where I can screw it on at the back at the dishwasher.  Finally, I’m not going to turn the water supply back on just yet to check that there aren’t any leaks, because we must not forget to connect the drain pipe first.
  3. Drainage Connection: I’ve passed the drain hose from the back at the dishwasher up through the same hole in the bottom of the cupboard. I’m just going to pull through the loose hose.

Now I can start to slide the dishwasher back into the cavity making sure that I don’t catch any of the pipes or hoses on the way. Now I’ve got the dishwasher in place I can pull through the remaining loose drain hose And now I need to attach the drain hose to this drain spigot here.

installing a dishwasher explainedNow if you’re installing a dishwasher for the first time it’s likely than drain spigot will be blocked off at one end. It maybe at this end where it’s conical and you need to cut the pipe so that it’s the right thickness as your drain hose. Or it may be blocked at this end by some sort of cap in which case obviously you need to remove that. And once that spigot is completely clear for water to pass through you can screw that up onto the the drain connection and then we recommend using some sort of clip placed over the drain hose just to hold it firmly in place.

And you can then attach that to the drain spigot. Now it’s important to set the drain hose as high as possible to stop water from draining from the sink into the dishwasher. So if you are getting that problem just repositioned the height of the drain hose. And now I’ve got all the connections in place I just need to adjust the feet on the bottom of the dishwasher so that it sits flush with the rest to the cabinets. And that’s it, One dishwasher installed. Spares for dishwashers and other appliances are available on the eSpares website.

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What Others Are Saying About How to Install a Dishwasher

Dishwashers can come into all sorts of trouble. Plumbing clogs are another huge problem…from an inadequate rinse cycle that soap scum on your dishes to a puddle of water at the bottom of the dishwasher. If your hot water heating isn’t running properly, you may not have sufficiently hot water to wash your dishes or you may be needlessly wasting energy and money. Meanwhile, an electrical problem can cut power to the unit altogether. Dishwasher repair is all too common and too commonly a huge headache for homeowners. Whether your problem is small or large, we can help you find someone in your area who can fix your dishwasher or, if needed, install a new one for you.

The first thing you’ll want to do is check the easy stuff. Few things are as embarrassing as having an appliance repairman come to your home only to flip a switch and watch the dishwasher start up. Check all switches, plugs, and circuit breakers. This includes wall switches and selection options on your dishwasher panel. If the dishwasher is running but isn’t draining right or getting your dishes clean, look for any clogs in easy to access pipes and valves. If you think your water is running fine, but the dishes still aren’t getting clean, check your hot water system as well. Cold water often won’t get your dishes clean. If you’ve checked out these simple things and your dishwasher still isn’t functionally properly, it’s time to call in a professional. via

As the dishwasher is moved under the counter, pull the drain hose slack out to ease the installation process. Once the dishwasher is in place, then connect the drain hose to the plumbing. If the drain hose does not plug into an aerator, it would be a good idea to create a loop. A loop keeps water from flowing from the sink back to the dishwasher. A loop is simply routing the drain hose as high as possible in one area, higher than the bottom of the sink. Tie straps come in handy here.

Installation of a dishwasher might become a very complicated “do it yourself” project. This type of house appliances is a combination of a few totally different systems – water, electricity, heat and steam are joined together, and any little error can cause safety issues. This article’s goal is to build a methodological approach to the installation of the dishwasher.

– The water line. In older buildings and houses copper pipes are often used to provide water supply for the dishwasher. These pipes have limited mobility (if you need to pull a dishwasher out of the cabinet for service or repairs, most probably you will end up disconnecting the water pipe), the connectors tend to leak (especially if you disconnect the water line and connect it back more than once). via AppFix

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