Shrewsbury Residents and Entire Nation Divided Over Whether to Put the Heating On

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Shrewsbury and indeed the entire nation is reportedly divided over whether to put the heating on. In contrast to September 2016, when in some southern parts of the UK a heatwave produced temperatures well into the thirties centigrade, September 2017 has so far been colder than average.

Thankfully, for those of us that struggle to make ends meet in the UK, the threat of the government removing the annual £200 heating payment to those over sixty, which emerged at the last election in June, has been removed for now. Not so for Americans. Scroll down this page for news of Trumps latest move to end heating aid.

To round off this article we end with a number of tips on when to turn on your heating, with the last one being a humourous idea!

BRITAIN is divided over whether or not it is cold enough to turn on the heating, it has been confirmed

As pro- and anti-heating factions struggle for control of household temperatures, many fear that war is inevitable. 

Emma Bradford, proponent of turning the heating on, said: “It’s definitely cold enough to turn it on, if not just to limber it up for when winter really sets in. Only an idiot would disagree.”

However Tom Booker, advocate for just layering up with a jumper, said: “We’re still seeing highs of about 17 degrees down south. If you’re cold, put some more sodding clothes on.

“I don’t trust these ‘heating people’. Who knows what else they are plotting? Probably to kill us all.”

A Met Office spokesman said: “It’s turned brother against brother, man against wife, Ant against Dec.

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Trump Wants to End Heating Aid for Low-Income Americans

President Donald Trump has proposed eliminating heating aid for low-income Americans, claiming it’s no longer necessary and rife with fraud. People needn’t worry about being left in the cold, he says, because utilities cannot cut off customers in the dead of winter.

But he is wrong on all counts.

The heating program provides a critical lifeline for many people, and officials close to the program don’t see any widespread fraud. Guidelines for winter shutoffs by utilities vary from state to state and don’t apply to heating oil, a key energy source in the brittle New England winter.

“It’s beyond my thinking that anyone could be that cruel,” said Perkins, a retired restaurateur who relies on the program to keep warm in Ogunquit, Maine.

The proposal to kill the program, which has distributed $3.4 billion to about 6 million households this fiscal year, will face strong opposition in Congress.

It’s “No Longer Necessary” and “Rife with Fraud” via Trump Wants to End Heating Aid for Low-Income Americans, It’s “No Longer Necessary” and “Rife with Fraud”

When should you turn your heating on and how to hold off

If you live with another person, whether it be family, a partner or housemates, there can be a real debate over when to turn the central heating on.

Many of the more environmentally friendly or tight fisted (or both) will set October 1 line in the sand. Some will say nothing until leaves are coming off trees. Whenever it is, you can bet that if there are two people in a house, they will have different ideas.

In previous years energy provider npower has found that a sudden drop in temperature can lead to people switching the boiler on, not because it is cold, but because of the contrast to warm summer. This is know as a “faux winter”.

That same report also found that the last weekend of October is likely to be the real ‘Big Switch On’ when families will give in to the winter chill and put the central heating on for winter.

Keep your car cool

When you get into your car after work there can be a temptation to blast the heat. This means when you get into your house it can feel colder than it is. Keep your car a bit cooler than the house can stop you reaching for the thermostat as soon as you get inside.

“Put a jumper on”

A favourite saying of parents to complaining kids but its true. Having a few layers on can stave off the switch on for over a month. After the summer we get used to being bare foot and wearing t-shirts. Time to dig out the trusty onesie.

Blankets on the sofa

The time we get coldest is when we are stationary. This usually happens on the sofa especially if you have leather furniture as that draws the heat away. Keep a blanket on there to keep in the warmth.

Have a good old cuddle!

If you are feeling chilly the most cost effective heater is a human! Just cuddle up and save the pounds.

via When should you turn your heating on and how to hold off

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    • Charlie V
    • 26/07/2018


    I would like to say. This is an weirdly exact description of the V household, but not just about heating. Also, about opening windows in hot weather. Thank you,

    • Viv Cree
    • 16/08/2018

    Hi, phew! It’s been so hot, we have been arguing about buying an air-conditioning unit for our house! Nice article. Thanks.

    • LimoGuy
    • 07/09/2018

    you only feel cold because suddenly the weather turns bad, and the temperature drops like a stone. Solution is put central heating on nice and warm, but turn the stat down each day. Get used to it. And, TOUGHEN UP. Man!

    • Paperrockin
    • 17/09/2018

    Hi, I have moved into an old house, and brought cold weather with me. Not sure if the previous owner took care of the system. I am wondering if I should top up the inhibitor. But what that if they did take care of the system it may already have enough in.

    Is it possible to have too much inhibitor in a system? Or is there a way to find out how much is currently in?

    Hope all is well.

    Thank you.

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