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Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas – Design and Inspiration

You don't have to sacrifice style for function when deciding upon which Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas, you will implement in your kitchen upgrade project.

I'll show you how to get both with a smart and beautiful kitchen design. This kitchen went from dated and dysfunctional, to lovely and liveable, and all it took was some thoughtful design. One of the main goals was to open up the space. Originally it was boxy and closed-in looking. It had a peninsula cutting the room right in half. Pulling the peninsula out created a more open, free-flowing footprint, and unified the space. And, removing the soffets instantly added height and light to the room.

These two simple structural changes made a big difference not only in how the kitchen looks, but how it functions, which was the second goal. Better functionality is the key to enjoyable use, and in a kitchen, that often means adding storage.

To maximise storage, the kitchen incorporates a mix of cabinetry styles; from traditional closed cabinets, to open shelving, even speciality pieces like the corner cabinet to corral odds and ends. This is one of my favourite design elements of the whole kitchen, it's this top hinged wall cabinet, that lifts right out of the way and behind it creates an appliance garage where you can store large appliances or other things you don't want sitting out on the counter top.

Pull everything out, do your work and then tuck it back away and its all out of sight.

You can also come up with your own unexpected configurations of cabinets.

One wall was totally unused. Now, we've added three layers of shallow upper cabinets that create almost a furniture-like piece. They provide so much great storage, as well as gorgeous display space.

So what was wasted space, is now fully functional.

Making the most of those 'wasted spaces' is the route to really boosting your storage. So utilise corners, make drawers do double duty, add on to insides of doors.

It's all about finding simple solutions to your everyday problems, with a little help of course from a good designer, or plumber's, creative ideas.

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Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas - Kitchen Area Concepts for your Kitchen

Are you searching for kitchen area concepts for your kitchen area styles or kitchen area remodel? The slides and images of gorgeous cooking area styles in this post should help you to find the inspiration to start planning your new, or renovated kitchen.

A modern kitchen area is one created for today's lifestyle trends. The latest kitchens follow contemporary concepts in design and style. Some individuals will describe it as a contemporary cooking area style. A modern cooking area style effectively mixes performance with individual requirements. To put it simply, this will be the heart of your house, where most of you and your family's consuming and amusing themselves will happen. For that reason, besides cooking area performance, the modern kitchen style concentrates on how it can most optimally accommodate the requirements of you and your household.

So if you have your own concepts in how you wish to use your cooking area, it is best to have a kitchen area style that is open, captivating and invitingly lovely. It is possible for the design and style to be both motivating and extremely practical for preparing food and interacting socially.

But beware, kitchen designs are going into and out, of fashion increasingly rapidly nowadays, so if you go for a design which is one of the wildest it is possible to obtain captured in a time-warp using strange patterns that not only will you get tired of remarkably quickly, they will end up being trends that go out of date rapidly. You need to avoid these.

In developing an open and welcoming cooking area, it si the intermediate styles (neither old fashioned nor too funky), that will stand the test of time, and which invariably make the best choice.

Below are images of such open cooking area styles.click here

small kitchen renovation?

The most efficient small kitchen renovation layout features the advantage of incorporating a working triangle between the distance of your major work areas such as the sink, stove and refrigerator. Designed correctly, this setup requires fewer steps while working which is a wonderful benefit for any cook. For instance, for extra food storage and preparation, you can install a butcher block, an island or peninsula when you have extra floor space. On the other hand, you might consider adding a pantry or pullout pantry to be located near the refrigerator. via chicago-kitchen

Cost Ideas for Small Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen serves as the heart and hearth of your home. It's where you prepare your meals and it's where all of your parties gather. Is it any wonder that kitchen remodels are so popular and have the largest payoff in terms of boosting a home's resale value? Of course, kitchen remodels are also the most complicated and can be the most expensive.

The average project cost varies depending on the size of your kitchen, the quality of materials, and whether you change the layout of the room. On average, homeowners report that a kitchen remodel costs $20,556. A smaller project between $10,000 and $15,000 may include painting walls, refacing cabinets, upgrading the sink, and installing a tile backsplash. A $30,000+ renovation may include installing custom cabinets, hardwood floors, granite counters, and high-end appliances. Most homeowners spend between $12,759 and $31,733.

Once you've found a kitchen renovation contractor you trust, work with him or her to develop a plan, including work and payment schedules. Then you can take a closer look at the details that will affect your overall cost.  via masterbrand

Give an Illusion of Space - Use Scaled Down Components Wherever Possible in Small Kitchen Renovation

Small kitchen renovation presents a special set of challenges. Small kitchen renovations generally aim to make the most use of limited square footage and visually enlarge space. This increases the functionality of the kitchen and generally makes it a more enjoyable place to be.

To make more efficient use of your space in your small kitchen renovation, consider aspects of your kitchen that can easily be scaled down. For example, large double sinks or farmhouse sinks take up a significant amount of counter space, so a more space-efficient sink can help to make better use of valuable counter space. via listaconstruction

Use White is an Evergreen Small Kitchen Design Idea

Due to your kitchen has small space; you’re suggested to cover the walls of your kitchen with white cabinets. White colour on the cabinets catches the lights and reflects the lights to the entire spaces of your kitchen. So, the white cabinet helps you making your small kitchen look brighter, and definitely looks wider. Unfortunately, white cabinets look boring and uninteresting for small kitchen, how to renovate it? via homeinterioranddesign


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