Fuel for Shropshire Agri Pellet Boilers, Wood Pellet Stoves and Other Biomass Boilers

An Introduction to Fueling Agri Pellet Boilers, Wood Pellet Stoves and Biomass Boilers for Salop (Shropshire) Some of the first questions when considering buying a biomass stove or boiler, are of course: – what fuel will be used, – where will the biomass boiler buyer source the biomass fuel, and – what will it cost to […]

Saniplus Macerator image in a macerator toilet

Macerator Toilet Installation – Applications and Use in Shrewsbury and Shropshire

Macerator toilet installation can be provided by our Plumbing Partners throughout Shrewsbury and Shropshire in applications when there is no sewer drain to connect to, or as in the case of basements, the sewer is above the toilet. There are suppliers in Shropshire, and the best known brand of macerator toilets is Saniflow, who’s products […]

What to do if a Boiler Stopped Working Repairs Servicing and Replacement_41

What to do if a Boiler Stopped Working Repairs Servicing and Replacement

“My Boiler Stopped Working!” Sooner or later, all central heating boilers get old and eventually stop working, so we thought we would write about what to do if a boiler stopped working, and what this can mean in terms of the needed repairs, servicing and replacement. Develop a Newfound Respect for those Metal Boxes Called Boilers […]

Image about th vs Shower - Cleanliness, Hygiene, Water Consumption, Cost and Energy

Bath vs Shower – Cleanliness, Hygiene, Water Consumption, Cost and Energy

Bath vs Shower – Introduction We looked into the everlasting bath versus shower debate, which will continue to be a subject of debate for as long as these two methods of washing remain available. Yes! Forever! It seemed to us that the overriding factor which most people would start out from when thinking about this, would […]

Image shows a walk in shower, a popular bathroom design in Shrewsbury, shropshire

Walk In Shower Ideas for Shrewsbury Shropshire Installations

Ideas for Walk-In Showers Shrewsbury and County-wide “When renovating my bathroom, should I install a walk-in shower?” We have been asked the above question a number of times recently, so we decided to look to YouTube for inspiration, and give you our interpretation of the ideas we found as Walk In Shower ideas for Shrewsbury Shropshire […]


Water Saving Shower Tips and Water Efficient Shower Head

Big Savings are Possible when You Fit a Water Efficient Shower Head Everyday, you could be saving the money you spend on hot water, if you don’t have a modern low energy/ water efficient shower head providing water efficient showers. It makes so much sense that saving water means saving money, and we are here to […]

Boiler vs Heat Pump – A Comparison of Home Heating

Boiler vs Heat Pump – A Comparison of Home Heating with a Combi Condensing Boiler Versus a Heat Pump In this article we compare a typical modern boiler installed home central heating system with a conversion of the property’s heating system to ground source and air-source, heat pump systems. The choice of the type of […]

A kitchen which needs renovation

Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas – Design and Inspiration

You don’t have to sacrifice style for function when deciding upon which Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas, you will implement in your kitchen upgrade project. I’ll show you how to get both with a smart and beautiful kitchen design. This kitchen went from dated and dysfunctional, to lovely and liveable, and all it took was some […]

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Cheap Plumbers Shrewsbury – Lowest Quote Beaters

Cheap Plumbers Shrewsbury – That’s Us – We Beat Any Quote Like for Like Source : We all need reliable cheap plumbers in Shrewsbury. Saving money has never been higher priority than it is today, and the home-owners need need for cheap plumbers Shrewsbury, is well understood by our team. Emergency plumbing repair bills […]

Image showing a Sustainable Plumbing

What are Sustainable Plumbing and Heating Systems?

What are sustainable plumbing and heating system; is a good question, and whether you know it or not, all UK plumbers are installing these systems in our homes every day. In an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint, most societies are across the globe adopting many ways to improve sustainability in their nations homes, in their household […]

Image showing Shrewsbury plumbing credibility logos